THE [email protected] STARLIT SEASON 03 is the fourth CD of the STARLIT SEASON series released by Lantis Co., Ltd at a price of ¥2,500 with tax on March 2nd, 2022. It features the songs “Aishite no Jubaku ~Je vous aime~” and “Zenryoku★Dreaming Girls”.


001 [email protected]
002 [email protected]
003 UNION!!
004 Ambitious Eve
005 アイシテの呪縛~Je vous aime~
006 全力★ドリーミングガールズ
007 アイシテの呪縛~Je vous aime~ (Off Vocal)
008 全力★ドリーミングガールズ (Off Vocal)
009 READY!!
010 Spread the Wings!!


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