Power metal heroines LOVEBITES‘ highly acclaimed debut album AWAKENING FROM ABYSS is out now digitally and on CD this Friday across the UK and Europe via JPU Records. A limited edition including an exclusive t-shirt is also available.


The band has already received praise from members of Megadeth, Stratovarius and Helloween (amongst others) for their powerful mini album THE LOVEBITES EP, a limited release which sold out in Japan and was released in the UK and Europe with a poster, English liner notes and lyric translations

AWAKENING FROM ABYSS features all four songs from THE LOVEBITES EP, all re-recorded and arranged, along eight new tracks, including lead track Shadow Maker, the video of which sees the women thrash through six-minutes of unadulterated metal madness, highlighted by a blisteringly fast guitar battle between midori and new recruit mi-ya, soaring English vocals from asami, a relentless bassline and head bangs from miho, and powerful double-peddled, high-heeled drumming from haruna with her star-shaped cymbal.


01. The Awakening
02. The Hammer Of Wrath
03. Warning Shot
04. Shadowmaker
05. Scream For Me (Awakened version)
06. Liar
07. Burden Of Time
08. The Apocalypse (Awakened version)
09. Inspire
10. Don’t Bite The Dust (Awakened version)
11. Edge Of The World
12. Bravehearted (Awakened version)