IU’s second cover album.


1. 가을 아침 / Autumn Morning (Ga-eul achim)
2. 비밀의 화원 / Secret Garden (Bimir-ui hwa-won) *
3. 잠 못 드는 밤 비는 내리고 / Sleepless Rainy Night (Jam mot deuneun bam bineun naeligo)
4. 어젯밤 이야기 / Last Night Story (Eojetbam i-yagi)
5. 개여울 / By the Stream (Gae-yeo-ul)
6. 매일 그대와 / Everyday with You (Mae-il geudae-wa)

* Originally planned track 2 was “잊어야 한다는 마음으로 / With the Heart to Forget You”, a cover of Kim Kwang-seok. However, due to the recent revelations surrounding his daughter’s death, FAVE decided to remove the track from IU’s album. On January 6, 2018, IU unveiled a music video for the song, describing it as a tribute to the late singer Kim Kwang-seok. She shared, “As a loving fan of his music, I’d like to express my respect and memory to Kim Kwang Seok with this beautiful song sung with all my sincerity.”


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