DAY6 releases the culmination of their year-long EVERYDAY6 project, where they released singles every month. ‘Moonrise’ is their second studio album and a completely appropriate title for the end of a day(6). The LP consists of 18 tracks: three new songs, 10 tracks from their previous releases, as well as “final” versions of the songs from their first EP ‘The Day.’ Note: this review covers the new tracks. I don’t generally do remixes unless they’re noteworthy, and the other songs on the album have already been reviewed.

01. Better Better
02. 좋아합니다
03. 좋은걸 뭐 어떡해
04. 남겨둘게
05. 놀래!
06. Be Lazy
07. Hi Hello
08. I Loved You
09. 그렇더라고요
10. 혼자야
11. 쏟아진다
12. 누군가 필요해
13. 노력해볼게요
14. Colors (Final Ver.) (CD ONLY)
15. 태양처럼 (Final Ver.) (CD ONLY)
16. 이상하게 계속 이래 (Final Ver.) (CD ONLY)
17. 버릇이 됐어 (Final Ver.) (CD ONLY)
18. Free하게 (Final Ver.) (CD ONLY)



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