Artist: APink (에이핑크)
Released: April 19, 2018
Korean Title: 기적 같은 이야기
English Title: Miracle
Genre: K-pop
Label/Distributor: Cube Entertainment
Single: Miracle

A Pink has just dropped their 7th anniversary single, “Miracle,” as a gift for their fans. Eunji co-composed the track, and Chorong penned some of the lyrics.

To mark the occasion, they’ve turned out a ballad. Most of A Pink’s output is pretty soft anyway, so this is not entirely unusual. Although this is more mature than what we’ve heard from the girls previously. There’s a nice variety of textures in this tune, along with some lush arrangements. The piano work is softly insistent, and the vocal work is top notch. They get more emotional than usual. Eunji’s highs in the chorus aren’t particularly notable, given her work on songs like “My My My,” but Naeun, Chorong, and Hayoung do a great job bringing Eunji’s stratospheric vocals in for an oh-so-soft landing.

Track List:

1. Miracle
2. Miracle (Inst.)



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