The analog version of the albums “First Love”, “Distance” and “DEEP RIVER” will be reissued on March 10th (Thursday)! And on April 27th (Wednesday), the albums “ULTRA BLUE”, “HEART STATION” and “Fantome” will be made into analog for the first time with the analog version of the new “BAD Mode”! In addition, the encore press of the new “Hatsukoi” analog record has also been decided! All of Hikaru Utada’s original albums will be released as vinyl!
Limited Edition / 180g Heavy Edition (2 Disc Set) Remastered 2018 / 96kHz 24Bit Used
Remastered by Ted Jensen
Remastering & Cutting at Sterling Soundz
Original release date: 2006/06/14
* 4th album. Includes “Passion” and others. Bonus track: “Sanctuary (Opening)” recording
★ Includes original T-shirt lottery application ticket (a notice sticker is attached to the jacket)


01 This Is Love.flac 373.44 MB
02 Keep Tryin’.flac 380.79 MB
03 BLUE.flac 405.25 MB
04 日曜の朝.flac 356.80 MB
05 Making Love.flac 343.65 MB
06 誰かの願いが叶うころ.flac 330.14 MB
07 COLORS.flac 309.49 MB
08 One Night Magic feat. Yamada Masashi.flac 362.69 MB
09 海路.flac 272.33 MB
10 WINGS.flac 367.99 MB
11 Be My Last.flac 346.29 MB
12 Eclipse (Interlude).flac 111.09 MB
13 Passion.flac 357.29 MB
14 Sanctuary (Opening).flac 335.05 MB

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FLAC / Hi-Res 384-24 / Vinyl / 2022