The work of Japanese composer and pianist Koki Nakano is music of the body: reconciling musical invocation with physical reaction, every flourish is like an electrical impulse firing across a network of nerves; every sharp, staccato note is inflicted like a wound, and every gentle keystroke is the peace that comes from a familiar touch.

Invented by the writer Romain Rolland, the “oceanic feeling” expresses a sensation of eternity and total plenitude. For his third album, Koki Nakano tries to explore this notion through piano compositions enhanced with electronic touches, in a synthesis between classical and contemporary music. The tracks on the album are an allegorical dive into the oceanic feeling, probing its relationship with birth, the limits of the human body and climate change.

Following Pre-Choreographed released in April 2020 where he mixed his classical pieces with electronic sounds and started developing the relationship between dance and music, Japanese pianist Koki Nakano is back with Oceanic Feeling.

The music deals with his inability to fully live in this so-called oceanic feeling, capturing thus the composer’s longing, frustration and ultimately search for harmony within his own limitations. He composed much of Oceanic Feeling while watching dancers move to what he played and the album’s singles come accompanied by mesmerizing videos featuring renowned choreographers and performers such as Tess Voelker and Marion Motin. Musically speaking, Nakano is constantly moving through the grey area between intellect and instinct on Oceanic Feeling. Tracks oftentimes feel simple, and in that simplicity, genuinely touching. Yet behind every piano key is a complex, layered recording system developed by the artist himself that gives sounds a unique depth.Oceanic Feeling is an impressive avantgarde journey that moves and stirs without ever losing balance.

Koki Nakano, keyboards, piano, electronics


01 Oceanic Feeling
02 Mue
03 Glances
04 External Cephalic Version
05 Irié
06 Funadé
07 Mirroring
08 Hydrocode
09 Port de bras
10 Treg
11 Birth Canal
12 Body Scan

WEB FLAC 24bit/48kHz