OH MY GIRL (오마이걸) – OH MY GIRL SUMMER PACKAGE [FALL IN LOVE] [FLAC + MP3 320 / WEB] [2019.08.05]

Three months after The Fifth Season, Oh My Girl presents their summer package album Fall in Love! The cheerful girls welcome summer with their special album, which marks their first seasonal release since “Listen to My Word (A-ing)” in 2016.


1. BUNGEE (Fall in Love)
2. Tropical Love
3. 다섯 번째 계절 (SSFWL)
4. 소나기
5. 미제 (Case No.L5VE)
6. Tic Toc
7. 유성 (Gravity)
8. Crime Scene
9. 심해 (마음이라는 바다)
10. Vogue
11. Checkmate
12. 다섯 번째 계절 (SSFWL) (Inst.)



MP3 320